We help foreign entrepreneurs land in San Francisco

  • A 3-Month Program

    Get ready to successfully land in Silicon Valley with Tarmac SF

    Tarmac SF is a program designed specially for international startup founders looking to launch their activities in San Francisco.

    The program is the result of a partnership between the social enterprise CALSO and PARISOMA , a startup hub, both based is San Francisco.

    Before you take-off, you will have access to relocation assistance – both online and in-person – to guide you through the legal, logistical, and cultural roadblocks of the moving process. Once you arrive in San Francisco, you will be immediately welcomed into a vibrant community of startup founders in the Bay Area, with round-the-clock access to a co-working space, classes, and events to support your growth and development in the United States.

    Tarmac SF costs $2,600 per person for 3 months, including access to a co-working space in San Francisco.

  • Services and Amenities

    As a member of Tarmac SF, you will have access to the following services:

  • Before entering the US


    Learn about the different immigration options for you and your employees.


    Find well-located and affordable housing.

  • When you arrive


    Round-the-clock access to a coworking space and its community of entrepreneurs in San Francisco.


    Join a community of over 500 entrepreneurs from around the world.


    Join our design, tech & entrepreneurship workshops, curated to help you launch your business.


    Get connected at weekly events and meet with experts, entrepreneurs, and VCs.

  • Applications for our 2017 edition are open !

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  • Frequently Asked Questions

    Tarmac SF

    What do I get as a member of the Tarmac SF program?

    As a member of Tarmac SF, you will also be a member of a vibrant coworking space in San Francisco, PARISOMA. Membership at PARISOMA includes round-the-clock access to workspace as well as free entry to a wide range of classes & workshops on design, tech, & entrepreneurship. You will also be invited to all events at PARISOMA - from demo nights to investor talks. PARISOMA is equipped with a kitchen, three conference rooms, and plenty of lounge space.

    Is Tarmac SF an accelerator for startups?

    No. Tarmac SF is neither an incubator, nor an accelerator. It is a program that helps entrepreneurs from abroad land safely and easily in Silicon Valley. You can focus 100% on your business and we'll take care of the rest.

    How long is the program?

    Tarmac SF is 3-month long program in San Francisco. As soon as you are accepted into the program, you will have access to our services as you prepare for the big move. It is always an option for you to extend your program beyond the 3-month mark if necessary.

    Is Tarmac SF only for women and social entrepreneurs?

    No. Tarmac SF is not only for women and social entrepreneurs. It is a program opened to all innovators – social entrepreneurs, tech entrepreneurs, and new business managers. We welcome a wide range of individuals ready and willing to grow their business in the Bay Area. However, if you are a woman or a social entrepreneur, you can apply to receive sponsorship.

    If I apply, am I guaranteed a place in the program?

    No. We receive many more qualified applicants than space available. Unfortunately, we are unable to offer a place to many candidates who would likely be very successful participants. For those who are nos selected, there will be the opportunity to reapply for a later date.


    Do you provide me with a visa?

    No. The United States has agreements with most countries to facilitate up to 3-month travels to the United States. The Tarmac SF team is prepared to guide you through the process. We cannot however give legal advice or provide legal services directly. We partner with a network of lawyers, all of whom are dedicated to providing competitive, pre-negotiated prices to help members of the program control their immigration costs and easily find the visa that works for them.

    Can I stay longer than 3 months?

    Depending on your visa situation you may be able to stay longer than 3 month. Most countries have agreements with the United States allowing their citizens to stay up to 6 month on a business visa. It is also possible, depending on your project and your situation, to apply for a visa that allows a stay longer than 6 months. Our team is here to help you find the best option before arrive.


    Where will I live?

    We do not directly provide housing. However, we offer a various range of housing solutions. Finding a room can be a struggle in San Francisco, and we make sure to secure safe, affordable deals for you. With Tarmac SF, you can just pick and choose the room that fits you. All the housing solutions have been checked out by our team on the ground, and are comfortable, clean and located in the best parts of San Francisco.

    How much does a typical apartment cost to rent in San Francisco?

    Our partners offer different standard of housing, from shared rooms to private rooms. The price range goes between $1,300 and $1,700. We have negotiated affordable rates for you.


    Where is PARISOMA located?

    PARISOMA is located on 11th Street in San Francisco, in the same neighborhood as Twitter, Uber, Square, Airbnb, Pinterest, Code for America, TechShop, and much, much more. (click here to see map)


    How much does it cost to join the Tarmac SF program?

    Participants to Tarmac SF will pay a total of $2,600 per person for the 3-month program. This includes all fees and charges, including application fees, enrollment fees, 24/7 assistance, housing support, and access to the coworking space.